Top Tips for Avoiding the Autumn Blues

Most people probably feel a little bit of the autumn blues during the latter months in the year. Whether this is due to the lack of sunshine in the northern hemisphere, or the endless rainy days why not try to fend of the blues with some of the top tips that we’ve put together!

Get out and about

As mentioned in the introduction, the autumn blues can generally be put down to a lack of sunshine. The days are much shorter in terms of the light, so we have to make the most of it. Even though you can’t see the sun you will still benefit from going out into the fresh air and wandering around for a while.

Another way that you can combat the blues is by keeping up your exercise regime. It’s so tempting to stay in and binge watch shows on Netflix whilst drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate but getting outside for a jog or a cycle will give you a shot of the endorphins needed to stave off the blues.

Healthy Eating

In the summer we generally tend to find it easier to keep up a healthy diet. Eating salads in the middle of a storm or when the temperatures drop below zero just doesn’t seem as appetising. Unfortunately, the foods that we should be avoiding during the winter tend to be the ones that we are drawn to. I’m not suggesting that you cut out all chocolate biscuits or roast dinners with all the trimmings but remember that everything should be in moderation.

Maybe switch out a meal in the week for a meat free option, add some new exciting vegetables to the lineup and of course make sure you are drinking enough water!



Once again, the cold pushes up to stay wrapped up warm and toasty in our onsies in front of the TV of a weekend but remember that we are social creatures at heart. One of the great options for keeping you social during the winter months is setting up days out during the day on a weekend. Maybe head to an event in your local town or an attraction that you’ve been wanting to go to for ages but never got around to. This way you are killing two birds with one stone by being social and heading outdoors for some daylight!

Treat Yo Self


In the words of Donna from Parks and Recreation “Treat Yo Self” (side note, well worth the watch if you haven’t seen it). Draw yourself a warm bath with candles, paint your toenails, pop out for a cheeky coffee and cupcake – just do the things that make you smile. Look after yourself and realise that the changes in your mood could simply be down to the lack of sunshine that you are seeing this autumn.

Many people find the colder months difficult but if you feel that you need some extra help then remember that you can always contact your GP or Mind the charity who can offer advice or just someone to talk to if needed!

Pictures are from unsplash; photographers in order from top to bottom. Bernd Schulz, Esther Tuttle, Katie Smith, Katie Smith, Jared Rice.

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