Resolutions for your home in 2018


Putting away the festive decorations has given us a fantastic opportunity to get into the attic/garage for a good clean out. We all have a draw like the picture above and there are certainly some bits that we have been avoiding getting rid. There is no time like the present, best way that we find to get things moving is to make three piles.

  1. A pile of items that you want to keep – find a way to store these neatly somewhere.
  2. A pile for the items that you can put in the bin or throw into a give away bag.
  3. A pile for bits that you are unsure about.

Come back to that third pile a week later and sort through it again, if you haven’t thought about the items in the pile in the meantime it’s likely that you can bin them or give them away. Remember, you don’t need to keep the 4th pair of football boots that your youngest grew out of two years ago! Be strict with yourself!

Doing a one time de-clutter is a great start to the year but it would be even better to stay on top of things during the year. Pop a note in your diary or leave one on the fridge reminding yourself to go back to it in a couple of months time.

Run an efficient and sustainable home

This one is a bit of a big job, it takes some changing of habits to get right but it’s on the list as it’s important. This year we’d like to focus on what we can do to save money in our home, whether it be turning off lights when we leave the room or making sure that the recycling is done each week. In doing these little parts we’ll be saving some money for ourselves and at the same time helping the environment. We have set two main goals for 2018;


Use as many leftovers as possible, we end up with lots of leftover veggies/fruit at the end of the week. In the first instance we should try and eat some more of it but otherwise we will utilise a compost heap to dispose of food items in a better way. Eventually we’d like to move to a larger composting area and start growing some of our own vegetables in the garden but that is a resolution for another time!

Closing off drafts

Checking all areas of our home for drafts and airways. In a bid to keep the heating down this winter/spring we’ll be checking our doors/windows etc for any cold air coming through and filling them. An great way to check for drafts is to burn incense around the window/door panes and look for places that the smoke is disappearing to.

Invest in indoor plants

One of the big trends that we saw last year was the comeback of indoor plants and succulents. We’d like to implement some more of these into our house. Especially the kitchen and living room areas. It will help with the air quality of the house and look great at the same time. Having two cats means that we are somewhat limited in the choices for plants but I’m sure we’ll find something to suit us.

One of the interesting ideas that we quite like is having a succulent terrarium – they are low maintenance and beautiful as window or shelving features.

Have you made any home based resolutions this year? We’d love to hear them!

Photographs in this blog courtesy of Ashim D’Silva, Madison Grooms and Crown Agency

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