Famous Conservatory Attractions across the UK

Although we won’t be building any conservatories this large in the foreseeable future there are some that we love to look at and take inspiration from. These are all great for a day out, with many of them being located within attractions suitable for both kids and adults.

Crystal Palace Park

Amazingly the construction of this conservatory only took two years, it opened in the park in 1854. Unfortunately, the historical building burned down in the 1930’s and as such no longer exists. The building was a large glass and metal structure the looked over Crystal Palace Park in Sydenham, South London. It held a selection of  events in its time including fine arts displays, a circus and a myriad of science based exhibitions. The park is still open to the public and you can go up to the grand site which the palace once stood. Crystal Palace Park is now popular for its dinosaur statues, sporting stadium and the lake.

Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew Gardens

As the name suggests the Princess of Wales Conservatory is located in the botanical gardens of Kew, Richmond upon Thames. This is another attraction which is fantastic for a day out especially in the spring/summer time when the flowers are blooming. The Gardens boast both a conservatory and an orangery on it’s property. These days the orangery is used as the restaurant for the attraction whilst the conservatory is full to the brim with tropical plants from all over the world.

Eden Project

Similar to the Princess of Wales conservatory, the Eden Project in Cornwall holds a large number of flora and fauna from around the world. The Eden project is an iconic looking set of buildings made up of two large spherical biomes. In recent years the project has mixed education in with the creative arts, it has continued expanding since it opened in 2001 with more to come in the future.

These are three of the most famous conservatories that we have/had in the UK. Are there any others that you enjoy visiting and would recommend for a day out, let us know in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter or Instagram

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