Expert Tips For Making The Most Of Your Conservatory All Year Round

When it comes to purchasing a conservatory, one of the biggest concerns that people have is that it will sit unused for half of the year, making it a poor investment. Many people still think of a conservatory as more of a summer room, but with the right tools and attitude your conservatory can be a room that you enjoy all year round, making it a great investment!

Don’t just take our word for it though. We’ve reached out to a number of top interior designers and experts, and we asked them one simple question:

What’s your number one design tip for making a conservatory cosy and inviting all year round?

Here are their answers…

Becky Snowden
Interior Style Advisor @ Furniture Choice

“Keeping a conservatory looking and feeling cosy in the colder months can be a tricky challenge so choosing the right décor and the best heating method is all the more important.
I’ve found that under floor heating is a great choice for conservatories and embracing Scandinavian style hygge décor is a great option – if anyone knows how to stay cosy in the colder months it’s the Danes! Big, fluffy cushions and warm, snuggly blankets can make a room seem cosy and inviting even if rain is dripping down the windows outside. Use fairy lights and flickering candles in the evening to add a cosy glow, turning your conservatory into the perfect place to curl up with a good book on a long winter’s night.”

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Christine McVeigh
Founder @ Decorated Life

“Make sure you have enough natural light and at least two sources of lighting. There is nothing worse than a single bulb glaring… use pendant lights, standing lamps and reading lamps. Get the most out of your window spaces, use double glazing where possible and shutters.
Make sure you have storage for the times of the year you are not using your conservatory to keep things clean and away from the elements; particularly mould.
It’s more modern but bifold doors are a great way to make the space bigger, connect with the garden and get more fresh air into the conservatory.”

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Kerry Allen

Interiors Blogger @

“I think plants in a conservatory are a must-have. They really help to bring the outdoors in, can be dressed up in festive seasons and even on a cold winters day help to embrace the feeling of outdoor-living! Add some candles & a throw and it’s almost like being outdoors on a summer’s evening!”


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Jane Lockhart
Principal Designer @ Jane Lockhart Interior Design

“Choose durable fabrics that can withstand direct sunlight for your furnishings. Pattern, texture, and colour choices have greatly improved in today’s indoor/outdoor fabrics, so you can be as bold or as subtle as you like. But remember, you want it to look good from the inside AND the outside.”

Image courtesy of Jane Lockhart Interior Design


Maya Anderson
Interiors Blogger @ House Nerd

“Indoor plants! I think indoor plants are the number one thing you can add to a conservatory to make it look cosy, inviting, fresh and lived-in. Adding a plant adds a finishing touch to a conservatory, gives it life and also visually connects it to the outdoors. Try fiddle leaf figs, chain of hearts, ZZ plants, rubber plants, succulents, maidenhair ferns, or that goodie for the black thumbs; the unkillable mother-in-law’s tongue.”

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Danny Shine
Director @ Leader Stores

“Our number one tip for freshening up and enhancing your conservatory all year round is to add the right furniture. From wicker conservatory furniture to rattan furniture, there are hundreds of luxury options on the market. They offer comfort and relaxation, combined with practicality and style. Rattan sofa sets, in particular, make the perfect indoor and outdoor furniture as they are perfect for use in the conservatory and can even be easily moved outside when the sun is out due to their lightweight construction.”

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Kirsty Hunt
Spokesperson @ Duette® Blinds

“Our number one tip for making the conservatory usable all year round is to install Duette® energy efficient blinds. Conservatories are often the most light-filled room in the home, yet the sheer expanse of windows makes it difficult to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round. Choosing the right blinds can help to create a year-round space that feels light and airy in the spring and summer months and can easily transition to a cosy environment in the winter months. Duette® blinds feature a unique honeycomb construction that helps to reduce heat loss by up to 46% and reduce heat intake by as much as 78%.”

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Megan Paynter
Marketing Executive @ White Stores

“Long gone are the days when a conservatory was just for the brief summer months. White Stores is confident that a conservatory can be used all year round with this simple design tip:
Adding garden furniture such as a wicker style sofa or lounge set can bring a cosy feel to your conservatory even throughout the winter months. When summer finally does roll around you can also double this up as comfy garden furniture too. The light aluminium frames make the furniture practical and easy to move back and forth in the summer but also lightens up the room in those dreary winter months. Add a few coloured scatter cushions and you’ve got yourself a stylish look for all year round!
White Stores recommends their 3 piece Havana Lounge Set and their Havana Conservatory Corner Group (pictured below).”


Claire Lancaster
Interiors Blogger @ Notes To Self

“A conservatory is a fantastic way of having extra living space and versatile space with a strong connection between the inside and outdoors. Getting the lighting right is critical; conservatories can look great in the day with sunlight streaming through glass, but come night fall and short winter days, artificial indoor light which brightens and balances the darkness is critical. Introducing textures is really important too; add rugs, cushions and throws for a cosy look and feel to a space which is dominated by glass.”


JD Knight
Interior Designer @ DK-decor

“Linen! Ideally… neutral linens.”

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