Decorating for Autumn – Farewell Summer, Hello Autumn.

Decorating the house is one of the many ways that we love to de-stress. It is cathartic and at the same time offers a great opportunity to give the place a fresh look and feeling. Of course the opportunity to go out and shop for new bits and bobs is an exciting prospect but there are also homemade and diy projects that you could do to avoid breaking the bank!

Trends of 2017 – Autumn

Florals – Carrying on from the Spring and Summer of this year, much of the fashion and decoration styles are centred around floral patterns. But how can you implement these into your furnishings without going too far in the wrong direction? Instead of thinking about the brash large floral patterns from the summer you could work more of a harvest festival vibe into your home. This can be done through little effects such as plants, candles and copper embossed accessories.

Small accessories that you can add to the home such as flowers/plants, candles and copper tones.

Plaid/Knit – If you’d like to avoid the rustic floral look then perhaps a plaid/chunky knit could give you what you are looking for. This look works well all the way through the Christmas period which means you can worry less about the decorations for the holidays. Plaid and chunky knits are a well entrenched trend that comes back year on year. If there was ever such a thing as evergreen interior decor this would be a staple. Throws/cushions, fairy lighting as well as pine cone and orange potpourri fit in really well with this theme (for some more information about the potpourri scroll to the DIY projects section of this post).

Patterned pillows, chunky knit blankets and fairy lights.

Grey Tone – The final trend of this year that we will take a look at is the grey tone living space. During spring and summer the grey was contrasted with gentle pastel colours which has a fresh and girly effect. During the Autumn and Winter month you want to bring a  bit more warmth into the room with the colours you are choosing, this can be difficult with a base of grey. However, brighter oranges, copper toned reds and mustard yellows can help bring the look together. 

Grey-scale living room spaces with bright colourful pillows, blankets and accessories.

DIY Project

Potpourri homemade with oranges, pine cones, berries and cinnamon

Pine Cone and Orange Potpourri – For this one you can go whole hog and make all the parts of the potpourri or you could make parts of it and buy others. Entirely up to you! One of the great parts of this project is the excuse to go for woodland walks to collect the pine cones!

What will you need?

  • Pine cones, different shapes sizes (to add some extra sparkle you could spray some of these in metallic colours)
  • Cinnamon sticks and star anise
  • Dried orange and apple disks
  • (optional) Woodland essential oils such as Birch and Pine or autumnal scents such as Clove, Cardamom and Citrus.

You can make the apple and orange slices yourself by cutting them into disks, drying the excess juice from them using kitchen roll. Place them on a baking tray in the oven. Keep an eye on them whilst they dry out so that they don’t burn.

Find a bowl that is large enough to hold all the ingredients and pop them all in. Sprinkle a small amount of the essential oils on top (not too much as they can overpower quickly). This is a simple little project but the smells and option of walking to find your pine cones will give you a shot of that autumnal feeling that we love!

If you’ve got any extra tips or ideas for things that you put into your autumnal potpourri then let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear them.

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