Carving Pumpkins and Where To Pick Your Own!

It’s already mid-way through October and the jingling bells are ringing (not to) far away in the distance. Before we get to the mince pies and eggnog though let’s take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of the autumnal months.

Over the past few year we’ve noticed a trend in the number of pumpkin farms springing up across the country. Now obviously it’s easy to pop down to your local supermarket and pick up your Halloween pumpkin. If you’re anything like me you’ll leave it to the last minute and realise that all that’s left is a misshapen wilted pumpkin or a green one that is somehow the size of an egg.

The alternate option for picking up your pumpkins is to make a day of it and head to one of the farms located across the UK. The ones that we are highlighting are all based in the south of England so the drive shouldn’t be too heinous!

Large Pumpkins after the harvest

Foxes Farm Produce

Pumpkin picking at this farm in Essex opened on the 30th September. The farm which is owned by couple Guy and Emily is a great place to collect your giant orange vegetables. They have two sites, one in Basildon and one in Colchester, they’re open on weekends so pop down and say hello!  

Secretts –

These guys have a pumpkin week from Tuesday 24th through to Sunday the 29th October. These dates sit right in the middle of the half term holiday so it’s a really great opportunity to take the kids along. As well as picking your pumpkins you can also take mini tractor rides and munch on some tasty treats to keep you warm in the October chill. Secretts is based in Milford, Surrey.

Crockford Bridge Farm

The pumpkin patch at Crockford Bridge is open throughout the month of October for you and the family to go an pick your own pumpkins. During the half term they are also holding a number events such as pumpkin carving, zip wires and apple bobbing. At the same time you can book your Wonder Woods theatre performance to add to the magic of the day (make sure you buy tickets online beforehand). The farm is located in Addlestone, Surrey and farm events will be happening from 21st to the 29th October.

Carving your pumpkins –

If you get the pumpkins home and have an artistic flair then no doubt you’ll be wanting some ideas for what to do with them, so here are three ways you can get creative with pumpkins.

  1. The good old fashioned. Grab your knife, your bowl for the pumpkin guts and get to carving. There are many options for what you could carve, perhaps the usual scary faces or maybe etching some beautiful patterns into the side. If you haven’t tried it before then grab yourself a template to print off and draw on the pumpkin before you start hacking away!
  2. Drawing/Painting. This option avoids some of the mess that so often arises with pumpkin carving. Drawing or painting the faces/patterns on instead will give you a larger margin for error. You could also go for a different kind of pumpkin look by spray painting them in some shiny metallic colours.
  3. Cook them. So maybe this isn’t exactly artistic but it’s certainly creative. There are so many delicious options for cooking with the pumpkins for the whole family to enjoy from Pumpkin and Ginger Cupcakes to a tasty warming Pumpkin and Bacon Soup.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Whatever you decide to do with your pumpkins we’d love to see them,  post your pictures onto our Facebook or Twitter so we can see all the pumpkin covered fun!

Credit to the photographers for the images – Aaron Burden, Bonnie Kittle and Jennifer Pallian

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